Contact Information

Anyone who has concerns regarding any aspect of the care and use of animals in research at the NCI at Frederick is encouraged to voice that concern. The attending veterinarian has the authority and responsibility for ensuring compliance with all animal care and use standards and is the appropriate person to receive initial concerns. Concerns that might not be directly related to a particular facility or that have not been appropriately dealt with, should be addressed to the Frederick National Lab ACUC Chairperson, the Director of the Laboratory Animal Science Program, or the NCI at Frederick Director of Scientific Operations.

Animal Care and Use Contacts

Animal Care and Use Contacts Phone
ACUC Office 301-846-7544
ACUC Chairperson 301-846-5608
Laboratory Animal Sciences Program 301-846-1542
Laboratory Animal Medicine (Veterinary Care) 301-846-5577
Occupational and Environmental Hygiene 301-846-1906
NCI at Frederick Director of Scientific Operations 301-846-1302