The ACUC Animal Study Proposal Form is now available as a Microsoft Word Template. This template can be easily used to create the Animal Study Proposal Form used by the Frederick National Lab ACUC. And since the proposals you create will be Microsoft Word documents, the proposal can also be saved, edited, printed, faxed, or even e-mailed at any time. To download and use the Microsoft Word Animal Study Proposal Form template, simply follow the instructions below.


  1. Click the following link to download the template: Frederick National Lab Animal Study Proposal Form
  2. When prompted by your web browser, open the file.
  3. Complete the form, and save the file as Word document.
  4. Please send your completed ASP form by email to the Frederick National Lab ACUC Office
  5. Please also be sure to forward any supplemental tables, charts, references, MSDS, test results, etc., by email attachment to the Frederick National Lab ACUC Office. The ACUC Coordinator will ensure insertion/inclusion with your ASP form

Hyperlink References

The following hyperlinks have been provided for convenient access to various Frederick National Lab guidelines and procedures to assist you with the completion of your Frederick National Lab Animal Study Proposal. We recommend that you keep this web page open so that you may use the associated help features, or you may print a copy of this page as a reference sheet and type any of these URL sites into your web browser of choice to access the various documents or websites. If you require any assistance with the completion of this form, please contact the Frederick National Lab Animal Care and Use Committee Office at 301-846-7544.