ACUC Guidelines

All guidelines are reviewed annually.

Assignment Type Title Latest Revision Date Latest ACUC Review Date
ACUC 1.00 Training The Care and Use of Animals in Laboratory Research Training Lecture Course - Discontinued in May 2006 N/A N/A
ACUC 2.00 Training Animal Care and Use Introductory Online Training Course N/A N/A
ACUC 3.00 ACUC ACUC Policies, Guidelines, and Recommendations Made at Committee Meetings Dec-07 N/A
ACUC 4.00 Guidance Checklist for Proposed Animal Use - Replaced by ACUC 27.00 Helpful Hints for Completing the NCI-Frederick Animal Study Proposal Form N/A N/A
ACUC 5.00 Guidance ASP Guidance for Animal Number Justification May-12 Aug-14
ACUC 6.00 Guideline Guidelines Regarding Modifications to Animal Study Proposals Aug-12 Aug-14
ACUC 7.00 Guideline Pain and Distress in Rodents: Responsibilities, Recognition, and Alleviation Nov-07 N/A
ACUC 8.00 Guideline Guidelines for Classifying Category 3 Procedures on Animals May-12 Aug-14
ACUC 9.00 Guideline Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis (EAE) and Paralysis Clinical Assessment Guidelines Aug-14 Aug-14
ACUC 10.00 Guideline Endpoints in Animal Study Proposals Aug-14 Aug-14
ACUC 11.00 Guideline Responsibilities of PIs Maintaining Mutant Strains of Mice May-12 July-14
ACUC 12.00 Form Deleterious Phenotype Reporting Form Oct-11 N/A
ACUC 13.00 SOP/Form Animal Health Evaluation SOP and Form Jan-07 N/A
ACUC 14.00 Guideline Guidelines Involving Experimental Neoplasia July-14 July-14
ACUC 15.00 Guideline Guidelines Regarding Engraftment of Human Cells or Tissues into Immunodeficient Mice Nov-07 N/A
ACUC 16.00 Guideline Guidelines for Ascites Production Oct-12 July-14
ACUC 17.00 Guideline Perioperative Analgesia in Rodents/Drug Information Dec-14 Dec-14
ACUC 18.00 Guideline Guidelines for Euthanasia of Rodents July-14 July-14
ACUC 19.00 Guideline Guidelines on Genotyping of Mice Aug-12 July-14
ACUC 20.00 Guideline Guidelines for Rodent Blood Collection May-14 May-14
ACUC 21.00 Guideline Guidelines on Transportation of Newborns from NCI-Frederick to Bethesda Oct-02 May-14
ACUC 22.00 Notice Environmental Enrichment Notification Jan-15 Jan-15
ACUC 23.00 Guidance Recommended Needle Sizes, Sites, and Volumes for Injection Oct-12 May-14
ACUC 24.00 ACUC Guidelines for Categorizing Significant Deficiencies and OLAW Reporting Aug-04 May-14
ACUC 25.00 Guidance Recombinant DNA in Animal Models N/A May-14
ACUC 26.00 Notice Biological Material Risk Factors July-14 July-14
ACUC 27.00 Guidance Helpful Hints for Completing the NCI-Frederick Animal Study Proposal Form Jan-12 Jan-12
ACUC 28.00 ACUC Guidelines for the Designated Member Review and Expedited Review Processes Jan-12 April-14
ACUC 29.00 ACUC Rules of Order for the NCI-Frederick Animal Care and Use Committee Jan-05 April-14
ACUC 30.00 ACUC Formal Process for Appointing and Renewing Members of the NCI-Frederick Animal Care and Use Committee July-11 April-14
ACUC 31.00 Guideline Guidelines for Investigating and Reporting Animal Care and Use Concerns Nov-12 April-14
ACUC 32.00 Guideline Guidelines for the Use of Tribromoethanol/Avertin Anesthesia Nov-12 April-14
ACUC 33.00 Guidance Recommendations for Aseptic Technique and Post-Operative Care for Rodent Surgery April-14 April-14
ACUC 34.00 Guideline Guidelines for the Skin Painting of Mice Jan-12 Feb-14
ACUC 35.00 Notice Reporting Animal Care and Use Concerns
ACUC 36.00 Training Animal Care and Use Refresher Online Training Course
ACUC 37.00 Notice Animal Study Proposal Renewals and IBC Requirements
ACUC 38.00 Notice Murine Norovirus
ACUC 39.00 Guidance Calculations for Making Drug Preparations, Proper Drug Concentrations for Compound Delivery to an Animal, and Cell Preparations
Jan-12 Feb-14
ACUC 40.00 Guidance Guidance for Investigators Seeking Exemptions to the Rodent Breeding and Weaning Policy
March-14 March-14
ACUC 41.00 Guidance Testing Requirements for Biological Materials
Nov-12 Nov-12
ACUC 42.00 Guidance Species Dosage Conversion Factors
Feb-14 Feb-14
ACUC 43.00 Guidance Recommendations for Anesthetics
Feb-14 Feb-14
ACUC 44.00 Guidance Training Documentation for Animal Related Trainings Performed under ASP 08-048
Mar-10 Mar-10
ACUC 45.00 Guidance Minimum Requirements for Cage Cards
March-15 March-15
ACUC 46.00 Guidance Transportation of Animals
March-15 March-15
ACUC 47.00 Guidance Notification of Potential Safety Violations to Principal Investigators
Jan-14 March-15
ACUC 48.00 Guidance Guidelines for the Use of Non-Pharmaceutical Grade Compounds
Oct-11 Jan-14
ACUC 49.00 Guidance NCI-Frederick Policy - Feral and Pet Animals in Animal Facilities
Oct-11 March-15
ACUC 50.00 Guidance Guidelines for the Group Housing of Rodents
April-15 April-15
ACUC 51.00 Guidance Inflammatory Bowel Disease Animal Model Guidelines
Jan-15 Jan-15