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Brandon F. Keele, Ph.D.

Retroviral Evolution Section, PI/Principal Scientist
Viral Evolution Core, Head

SAIC-Frederick, Inc
Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research
Building 535, Suite 408
Frederick, MD 21702-1201

Tel: 301-846-1731
Fax: 301-846-5588


Brandon F. Keele, Ph.D., is a Principal Scientist/Principal Investigator in the AIDS and Cancer Virus Program (ACVP) at SAIC-Frederick at the National Cancer Institute and currently heads both the Retroviral Evolution Section and Viral Evolution Core. Dr. Keele obtained his Ph.D. at Brigham Young University while studying the mechanism and diversity of virus trapping by follicular dendritic cells during HIV-1 infection. Dr. Keele previously worked at the University of Alabama at Birmingham first as a post-doctoral fellow and then as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine. While as a post-doctoral fellow, Dr. Keele was the lead author describing the geographic origins of pandemic HIV-1. Recently, Dr. Keele and colleagues discovered that SIVcpz infecting chimpanzees was pathogenic and can lead to significant population decline. In collaboration with the Center for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Immunology (CHAVI), Dr. Keele utilized a novel limiting dilution PCR to elucidate the viral dynamics of transmission and early diversification in HIV-1 infected humans. Early sampling and these techniques allowed for the discovery that the vast majority of HIV-1 infections occur due to a single founder virus that can be unambiguously identified and studied. Dr. Keele established the Viral Evolution Core within the ACVP to expand our understanding of transmission and prevention using nonhuman primate models.

Research Description for Retroviral Evolution Section (RES)

The Retroviral Evolution Section (RES) studies various aspects of retroviral transmission, evolution, and immune evasion using sequencing, genetic analyses and molecular biology approaches to better understand the natural course of infection and potential sites and mechanisms of intervention. Dr. Keele¹s laboratory utilizes various nonhuman primate models of AIDS and newly generated viruses to better understand viral/host interactions.

Core Description

The Viral Evolution Core provides expertise and innovative sequencing techniques, molecular cloning, as well as viral evolution analyses to support extramural and intramural investigators in order to increase the overall understanding of viral transmission and early viral diversification, with a major focus on exploiting the unique advantages afforded by utilizing non-human primate models. Currently the VEC utilizes single genome amplification (SGA) and deep sequencing approaches (including 454 and SMRT technologies) to identify minor changes in viral populations. These approaches have been used to develop mucosal transmission models where most animals are infected with one for few variants thereby recapitulating HIV-1 infection in humans. These include rectal, vaginal and penile models of transmission. Furthermore, the VEC is utilizing these same approaches to help establish the efficacy of preventative measures including vaccines, microbicides, and passive administered neutralizing antibodies. Recently, Dr. Keele has pioneered an innovative approach to isolate and sequence viral RNA and DNA directly from HIV/SIV infected tissue as well as from individual cells/sections that are isolated by laser capture microdissection. These assays are currently being utilized to pinpoint the exact conditions and events surrounding viral transmission in nonhuman primates.

Recent Publications

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Staffing - Retroviral Evolution Section

  • Carolyn Reid, Research Associate II
  • Christine Fennessey, Post-doctoral Fellow

Staffing - Viral Evolution Core

  • Laura Kreis, Research Associate I