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C. Mac Trubey, M.S., Associate Scientist

Cellular Immunity Core

SAIC-Frederick, Inc
Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research
Building 535, Room 532
Frederick, MD 21702-1201

Tel: 301-846-5320
Fax: 301-846-5588


Mr. Mac Trubey received his B.S. in 1995 from the University of Maryland and his M.S. degree in 2002 from Hood College. In 1993, he began his research career at the University of Maryland Cancer Center, under Dr. Nicholas Bachur. In 1996, Mr. Trubey began working at Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, in an HIV research laboratory under Dr. Gene Shearer and moved to the Retroviral Pathogenesis Section of the AIDS and Cancer Virus Program in 2002, under Dr. Jeff Lifson. With over 14 years of advanced flow cytometry and immunology experience, Mr. Trubey has served as the Head of the Cellular Immunity Core, since its establishment in 2009.

Core Descriptions

The mission of the Cellular Immunity Core is to provide ACVP investigators and collaborators with quantitative and multi-parametric cellular analysis and cell separation using advanced flow cytometry methods and instrumentation.

The CIC is a centralized flow cytometry and cellular immunology resource for the ACVP; providing instrumentation and essential services for NHP studies, investigators and collaborators. The activities of the CIC include: providing state-of-the-art phenotypic and functional immune monitoring for internal and collaborative NHP studies; identifying cost-effective reagents and sourcing or producing custom reagents where needed; providing cutting-edge flow cytometry support and data analysis to the ACVP and collaborators; determining the needs of investigators and providing advice as to the utility of flow cytometry for their specific research problems and goals; providing technical expertise and training to ACVP investigators and staff in the application of basic and advanced flow cytometry techniques; and developing innovations to address the current and future flow cytometry needs of the ACVP.

Advanced instrumentation maintained by the CIC include: a 3-laser, 12-color Becton Dickinson FACSAria II cell sorter equipped with an aerosol management system, sample temperature control module, and a cell deposition unit for single-cell and plate/slide sorting; a 4-laser, 16-color digital Becton Dickinson LSR-II analytical flow cytometer equipped with a green laser and plate autosampler; and a 2-laser, 4-color analog Becton Dickinson FACSCalibur flow cytometer equipped with a 40-tube carousel.

Recent Publications

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  • Abigail B. Lara, Research Associate II
  • James Thomas, Ph.D., Scientist I

Reagents available for non-commercial use:

SIV ENV monoclonal antibody (clone 7D3) labeled with Alexa Fluor 647 upon request by contacting Mr. Trubey