The NCI animal production program will no longer provide animals to grantees. These animal strains/stocks were obtained by Charles River Laboratories from whom they are currently available. You may contact them at:

Charles River Laboratories: 1-800-522-7287(phone), or 1-800-992-7329 (FAX), or mailto:GRANTEEORDERS@CRL.COM. Please specify Grantee Order.

Additional commercial sources which supply similar strains/stocks are:
Taconic: 1-888-822-6642, or
Harlan: 1-800-793-7287, or
The Jackson Laboratory: 1-800-422-6423, or

For information regarding the strains/stocks that will no longer be supplied from NCI along with the contact information for commercial companies that provide similar strains/stocks click this link.

For any questions, please contact Linda Blumenauer at 301-846-1153 or

The NCI Mouse Repository is a completely separate entity from the NCI Animal Production Program (APP). The closing of the APP does not impact the distribution of genetically engineered animals or miR-expressing mouse embryonic stem (ES) cell lines by the NCI Repository. Orders are placed through the Repository website at and further inquiries may be sent to Debra Fitzgerald at