Sample Memo to Request Approval to Receive Blood Samples through the RDP

Send to Janelle Cortner, Building 427, Room 5

To: Dr. Michael Dean, Research Donor Program Principal Investigator
Dr. Janelle Cortner, Research Donor Program Protocol Chair

From: Dr. X (The Laboratory Principal Investigator)
Dr. Y (Primary user within the Lab, if applicable)

Subject: RDP Approval Request

I request approval to receive (anonymous or coded, select appropriate category) blood samples through the Frederick Research Donor Program. (If coded samples are required, please indicate the reason for repeated sample collection from the same donor(s), e.g. experimental continuity, calibration of equipment, longitudinal study requiring follow-up, studies focusing on individuals of a defined phenotype or genotype, etc.)

Samples will be used for (Give a clear picture of what you are doing and how the blood samples will be used in that work. e.g., If samples will be used for normal controls for existing studies, list clinical collaborator(s) and indicate whether the protocols are IRB-approved, if appropriate; to study in vitro effects of given genotypes/condition on a given disease; as a source of cells for in vitro experiments; etc. Please provide enough information so it can be decided whether you need to write your own IRB protocol. Please note that if you are doing genotyping of coded samples, you will require IRB approval to request repeated samples.)

Our studies will require (number) ml of blood from (number) donors every (number) weeks.