Point of contact for NCI programs:
Stephen P. Creekmore, M.D., Ph.D.
NCI Project Officer
Chief, Biological Resources Branch,
Phone: (301) 846-1100
Fax: (301) 846-5429
E-mail: creekmos@mail.nih.gov
Requests for additional technical information should be directed to:
George Mitra, Ph.D.
Program & Technical Director
Biopharmaceutical Development Program (BDP),
SAIC-Frederick, Inc.
Phone: (301) 846-5999
Fax: (301) 846-6203
E-mail: mitrag@mail.nih.gov
For additional information on BDP/FNLCR partnering opportunities, please contact:
Bruce Crise Ph.D.
Director Business Development
Partnership Development Office
Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research
Phone: (301) 846-5739
E-mail: FnlcrPartnershipDevOffice@nih.gov
The BDP is developing clinical and non-clinical supplies of rhIL-15 and rhIL-7. If you would like more information about obtaining supplies or manufacturing and testing documentation (such as a certificate of analysis) please contact Dr. Jason Yovandich as listed below:
Jason Yovandich, Ph.D.
NCI Project Officer
Biological Resources Branch,
Phone: (301) 846-5827
Fax: (301) 846-5429
E-mail: yovandij@mail.nih.gov

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