Red Phone

Crisis Management Center (CMC)

The location usef by the Leadership Team during emergencies.

Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

The location used by the Crisis Response Team during emergencies*

Working Remotely

  • In accordance with NCI-Frederick Policy and Procedures, employees must be pre-approved to perform telework. Approval is based on the nature and severity of the emergency situation and the type of program supported
  • If applicable, employees should consult with their supervisor for the proper procedures and equipment (e.g., computers; remote network access. etc.) needed to work remotely
  • Non-COOP employees may be directed by their supervisors, in consult with the NCI-Frederick CRT, to remain at home and/or work from home (telework)

* The COOP portion of the NCI-Frederick EPP lists the primary and alternate locations of the CMC and EOC