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Genotyping Background

Genotyping Background Genotyping of mouse models, using the TaqMan® chemistry, provides accurate and reproducible distinction of wild-type and genetically altered mice. Using PCR primers and fluorescently-labeled probes specific to wild-type or transgenic DNA sequences, genotypes can be determined for appropriate mouse model breeding. For more information regarding TaqMan® chemistry, click here.

Genotyping via TaqMan® can be applied to your research to:

  • Determine the presence or absence of foreign genes in genetically engineered mouse models (wild-type vs. mutant)
  • Determine allelic variation (knock-out and knock-in genes)

The Laboratory of Molecular Technology’s Genotyping Service is suitable for high-throughput genotyping directly from mouse-tail lysate, provided that an optimized and validated assay for your region of interest can be designed.

For more information on this service and its applications to your research, visit our Genotyping Protocols and Resources page.

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