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Mutation Detection Project and Sample Submission Requirements

Project Requirements

All requests for scientific and analytical work must be submitted through CSAS.  Please contact Kristen Pike for more information regarding submitting requests, new assay design, costs, and additional sources of funding for your project.  For a list of genes currently available for Sanger Sequencing, click here.  For a list of genes currently available for Pyrosequencing , click here.

Sample Requirements

The table below summarizes the DNA and RNA requirements for efficient and reliable processing of your samples.  We recommend that samples be quantified via Nanodrop, PicoGreen, RiboGreen, or Quantifiler prior to normalization and shipment to Laboratory of Molecular Technology.

Description of Service Sample Type Min. Vol.*(uL) Min. Conc. (ng/uL) Total DNA* (ng) Format Comments
Mutation Detection DNA or RNA 3 10 30 1.5 or 2.0 mL sterile polypropylene screw cap tubes or 96 well plates We recommend Sarstedt tubes, catalog numbers 72.692.005 or 72.694.006  or Pantek 96 well plates, part number 99990040bc

*The minimum volume and total DNA/RNA are per amplicon.  For each mutation detection reaction, a minimum of 30 ng of DNA is used (3ul @ 10 ng/ul).  Since it is important that we be able to confirm both the quantity and quality of the DNA and dilute it to the proper concentration immediately prior to use, we ask that you submit at least 10 ul of DNA per sample per amplicon, preferably at a concentration of 50-100 ng/ul.  This will enable proper sample QC and ensure that enough material is present if it becomes necessary to repeat a reaction.  Thank you.

Shipping Information

Subsequent to CSAS approval and placing a request for service in the LMT Molecular Diagnostics Wizard, please send samples along with a copy of your Wizard generated sample manifest to the Laboratory of Molecular Technology through the NCI-Fredrick courier.  To schedule pickup, call transportation at (301)-846-1175 and provide them with the pickup location and the following drop-off information:

  • Contact Name:  Kristen Pike or Mutation Detection Group
  • Building and Room Number:  ATRF, 8560 Progress Drive, Wing C, 3rd Floor
  • Phone Number:  (301)-846-5676
  • Type of Shipment: DNA or RNA

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