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Automation of NGS library preparation

At the LMT we are working to develop automated protocols on the Biomek FXp for several next generation sequencing methods.  These protocols are user friendly and flexible and can be easily adapted to other laboratory settings and machine configurations.  The first method available for downloading is a 2KB blunt end library preparation for PacBio sequencing.  This method allows for the simultaneous generation of up to 96 sequence-ready libraries.  For a method without use of an onboard thermocycler, click here.  If you have an onboard thermocyler on your FXp deck, you can use the method here.

Part 1: Basic automation library preparation method

Part 2: Automation details and method modifications

Methods developed by Todd Hartley with assistance from Claudia Stewart, Jason Mitchell, Kristie Jones, and Castle Riley.

Thanks to Tony Cooper at PacBio for technical advice and support.

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