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SF Services

The Sequencing Facility is available to provide support and assistance throughout each stage of the sequencing process:

We currently offer sequencing services on the Illumina HiSeq2000 and GAIIx instruments, and the PacBio RS. Each sequencer conveys different advantages depending on the desired application; please visit the Protocols and Resources page for more details about the sequencing chemistry and technology utilized by each platform. The table below can be used as guide for choosing the optimal platform, however, we encourage you to contact us so we can provide you with the most current information and help you plan your project to meet your sequencing needs.





Whole genome

viral ++ +++
microbial ++ +++
metagenomics +++  
plant +++  
mammalian +++  
de novo assembly ++ (++)
hybrid assembly +++ +++
finishing   +++

Targeted regions

whole exome +++  
amplicons ++ +++
BACs + plasmids ++ +++
ChIP seq +++  
high GC or AT content + +++
high secondary structure   ++
repetitive regions   +++


transcriptome +++  
targeted transcripts ++ ++
miRNA +++  
direct RNA seq ++ (+)
directional RNA-seq ++  


bisulfite sequencing +++ +
direct profiling   (++)
+, ++, +++: Platform can be used for this application
(+): Application is under development on this platform

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