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SF Services – Data quality analysis and delivery

For each sequencing run, we use real-time analysis tools to monitor the quality and yield of the sequences produced. Following run completion our bioinformatics analysts will make an overall determination of data quality for each sample, as well as map the data to your chosen reference genome. For projects sequenced on the PacBio RS, we may also be able to offer additional secondary analysis of your samples (please contact our bioinformatics support personnel if you have specific questions). Details regarding specific attributes of the delivered data can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions.

At the completion of metrics analysis, you will receive a graphical report detailing the status of your project, reagent and version information for your sequencing run, and an overview of your sample results. An example of your report is shown below:

An example data report


Multiple options exist for the delivery of your data set. Illumina sequencing customers at the NCI can download their data directly through the SF LIMS, and PacBio customers will receive a link to their data set on our download server. Additionally, for customers with the appropriate resources we are happy to transfer data to your FTP area or pushed directly to your lab. Please contact us to discuss your options.


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