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NCL Application Process

The NCL solicits nanotechnology strategies from academia, industry, and government. Desired nanotechnology proposals include, but are not limited to, strategies that incorporate image contrast agents, cancer therapeutics, and/or targeting receptors or ligands. Given the large number of candidate strategies/nanomaterials that are submitted to the NCL for characterization, a set of evaluation criteria is applied to proposed nanotechnology strategies to aid in their selection and prioritization.

The application process is conducted in two parts. Part I is a three- to four-page white paper that describes the strategy/concept; Part II is a full proposal. The initial white paper is intended to give NCL reviewers an overview of the strategy, without requiring investigators to prepare costly, time-consuming proposals. Researchers with white papers (i.e. nanotechnology strategies) deemed to be of interest to NCL reviewers will be asked to submit full proposals for Part II.

The primary evaluation criterion for white papers in Part I is the strategy’s previously demonstrated efficacy in a biologically relevant system. The NCL appreciates that biologically relevant data for proposed nanotechnology strategies may be preliminary and limited because of the novelty of this field. However, white papers that address only the “material sciences” aspects of nanotechnology are not desired.

For more information on specific selection criteria, please see the Application Process on the NCL website.

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