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OMAL Services

OMAL provides a broad range of training and support which includes experiment design, image acquisition and quantitative analysis. We provide basic support and training with the aim of individuals becoming independent users. This service is free of charge to the NCI-CCR community.

Confocal Microscopy

Image Analysis

  • Auto-location of non-straight dividing paths between touching cells and nuclei
  • Deconvolution
  • Image Registration
  • Enumerating individual FISH signals in cells within intact tissue
  • Measurement of the spatial organization of cells within tissue
  • Quantification of structural and molecular properties
  • Quantifying average telomere length in populations of interphase nuclei
  • Quantitative co-localization for measuring protein-protein interactions
  • Segmentation of cells and subcellular components from specimen images
  • Tiling of small images together into a single large-area image
  • Link to capabilities of image analysis software

Light Microscopy (LM)

  • Fluorescent, inverted, and stereo LM
  • Semi-thin-sectioned macro analysis of tissues from resin-embedded block

Confocal Training and Scheduling

Please contact OMAL staff members for more information.

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