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OMAL Technology Development

Technology Development

  • Beyond Confocal
  • Current Technology  Development Projects:Inter-relationship of current technology development projects in OMAL that collectively advance mutli-functional microscopy for comprehensive understanding of molecular interactions in living cells.
  • Abbreviations:
  1. PALM: photo-activation localization microscopy
  2. FRET: Forster resonance energy transfer
  3. FLIM: fluorescence life-time imaging
  4. FIDA: fluorescence intensity distribution analysis
  5. FCS: fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
  6. ICS: image correlation spectroscopy
  7. ICCS: image cross correlation spectroscopy
  8. FRAP: fluorescence recovery after photobleaching

OMAL Current Technologies Overview

  • New Technology Development Projects: OMAL participates in a broader imaging program at NCI – Frederick to provide seamless imaging across scales from whole animal imaging to electron microscopy.

OMAL New Technologies Overview

Software Development

Some software tools from OMAL Toolbox

Applications of OMAL Toolbox

  • With NCI Collaborators
  1. Allele-specific nuclear positioning of the monoallelically expressed astrocyte marker GFAP (Dr. Tom Misteli)
  2. Enumeration of PML bodies in cells homozygous for SUMO-1 (Dr. Mike Kuehn)
  3. Spatial statistical determination that puncta of antisense RNA and P-body foci are co-localized in yeast cells (Dr. David Garfinkel)
  4. Size, shape and position of centrosomes in migrating cells (Dr. Terry Yamaguchi, planned)
  • Utilization of Software distributed via licensing or MTA
  1. Analysis of changes in the skin epidermis (Unilever Inc.)
  2. Subnuclear positioning of gene sequences during stem cell differentiation (Professor David Gilbert, Florida State University)
  3. Measurement of tumors in the mouse colon (ABCC in collaboration with SAIP)

Other Software Developments

  • Quantification of Actin Redistribution in Response to Candidate Pharmaceuticals (Dr. John Beutler, Dr. Karlyne Reilly)
  • Solid Tumor Image Registration By Hierarchical Decomposition Assisted Automatic Landmarks Detection (Internal Tech Dev)
  • Quantification of cells/nuclei from high resolution whole slide scanner (Dr. Karlyne Reilly, Dr. Jake Estes, Dr. Esta Sterneck)
  • HTLV-I p8 protein increases viral transmission via induction of tunneling nanotubes (Dr. Genoveffa Franchini)
  • HIV-1 Single Virion Analysis: High Efficiency of Genomic RNA Packaging and Heterozygote Formation (Dr. Wei-Shau Hu)

Collaborative Research

OMAL’s collaborative research with NCI and NIH Princial Investigators and also external institutions and corporations have led to significant new technologies:

Automatic Segmentation Software and Application to High-throughput Gene Localization in Interphase Nuclei

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