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Proteins and Proteomics

The Protein and Proteomics Group consists of four laboratories: the Laboratory of Proteomics and Analytical Technology, Protein Expression Laboratory, Protein Chemistry Laboratory, and Antibody Characterization Laboratory.

Laboratory of Proteomics and Analytical Technology provides the following services:

  • Mass spectrometry identification and quantitation of proteins ranging from the analysis of simple mixture to entire tissue lysates.
  • Isolation, characterization, and validation of protein complexes.
  • Custom development of assays to measure the absolute abundance of small molecules in biological samples.
  • NMR analysis of small molecules as well as complete metabolomic analysis.

Protein Expression Laboratory provides expertise in:

  • Protein expression and purification including clone construction, expression in all standard hosts, and purification of antibodies and recombinant proteins from micrograms to grams.
  • Development, validation, and execution of serologic and qPCR assays to detect proteins and viruses in human samples.
  • Production of standard and custom adeno- and lentiviruses.

Protein Chemistry Laboratory provides services for:

  • Characterization of molecular interactions using surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy and fluorescence approaches.
  • Protein identification, N-terminal sequencing and characterization from complex biological samples.
  • MALDI mass spectrometry, including imaging mass spectrometry and ultra-high mass detection.

Antibody Characterization Laboratory supports the Clinical Proteomic Technologies for Cancer with:

  • Development and/or detailed quality control of monoclonal antibody reagents
  • Open-access data about antibody performance parameters
  • Standard Operating Procedures for antibody testing

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