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Communication with the LPAT

The LPAT believes that effective communication is critical to the success of a project and for meeting the expectations of the requestor.  At the initiation of any project, the contact information of every LPAT scientist (email and phone number) that will be working directly on the project is provided to the requestor.  The requestor is encouraged to contact the LPAT scientist to obtain any type of detailed information related to the status of their project.

Depending on its length, the NCI requestor will be provided routine (e.g. weekly) updates on the status of their project.  These updates will be brief and will essentially give an indication of such parameters of the numbers of samples analyzed, the number remaining, and a brief assessment of the data to this point (if possible).  The requestor may still ask for an update on their project at anytime.

While the requestor is encouraged to contact the LPAT scientist directly concerning details related to their project, all issues related to timeliness, lack of responsiveness, and other non-scientific related issues should be brought directly to Dr. Ming Zhou (; 301-846-7199).

Page last updated October 24, 2013 @ 7:48 am