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Initiation of Projects with LPAT

Projects are initiated generally through contacting a scientist within the LPAT.  Prior to beginning any project there are a number of issues that we prefer to address:

  1. An initial meeting between the requestor and the LPAT scientists that will be working on your project.  The purpose of this meeting is to ensure all parties fully understand the goals of the research and the methods that will be used to meet these goals.  
  2. The requestor then submits a CSAS request. The CSAS is a web-based system that you will use to provide details related to the research effort. This information includes your contact information, number of samples that require analysis, and the type of analysis that needs to be done. The link to upload a CSAS request is
  3. Once the CSAS request is placed, an LPAT scientist will input the budgetary considerations required to complete the project. This information will be sent back to the requestor for approval.
  4. Once the requestor approves the estimate, the requestor’s administrative officer (AO) verifies that funds are available to cover the estimate and the project is then sent to the NCI for final approval. While this may sound complicated, the entire process generally is completed within 1-2 days.
  5. Once the CSAS request is fully approved, the samples can be shipped to the LPAT. Shipping instructions will be sent to you via email.
  6. Once the project is initiated, the requestor is encouraged to communicate directly with the LPAT scientist(s) working on their project, as this means will provide them with more detail concerning the status of their project.
  7. Once a project is completed, the effort is billed against and the CSAS request is closed.

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