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LPAT Technology Development

Technology development efforts in the LPAT are designed to meet the technology needs of the NCI through leveraging the state of the art equipment and expertise within the laboratory.  A number of recent technology developments have lead to significant scientific advances in collaboration with NCI researchers (see LPAT publications).


Highlighted Technology Development Projects

Absolute Quantitation of Biologically Important Proteins in Clinical Samples

The aim of this technology development effort is to provide methods that measure the absolute abundance of targeted molecules (proteins or metabolites) in biological samples.  The targets are generally brought forward by NCI investigators as molecules of interest.  The LPAT then works with the investigator to design, validate, and apply the optimal method for measuring these molecules across any number of samples.  In the past several years, the LPAT has developed methods to measure tryptophan metabolites, estrogen metabolites, androgens, sarcosine, saponins, bisphenol A, prolactin, c-met, etc

Characterization of Highly Specific Protein Complexes

This technology development effort is aimed towards providing MS results aid in determining if a protein is specifically or non-specifically binding to a target protein.  The LPAT has evaluated a number of steps in the isolation of proteins complexes including i) target protein expression level; ii) cell lysis conditions; iii) antibody binding, washing, and elution conditions; iv) MS analysis; and v) bioinformatic analysis.  Ultimately, the LPAT wants to provide NCI scientists with highly confident lists of proteins that interact with their target of interest

Clinical Proteomics

The LPAT continues to develop progressive methods for the discovery of biomarkers.  These developments include evaluation of an isotopically labeled mouse model for quantitative studies, methods to measure proteins and metabolites in tissue sections (including FFPE), and dual tissue/biofluid analysis for more confident biomarker discovery.


Other Technology Development Projects

Isolation of Endogenous Protein Complexes via Epitope Tagging in ES Cells

Dynamic Measurement of Proteins in Multiple Complexes

Development of MS Compatible Methods for Characterizing Protein-DNA Interactions

Quantitative Proteomics of Cardiomyopathy in Thin Tissue Sections

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