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Microfluidizer M-110EH and LV-1

Small Scale MicrofluidizerLarge Scale Microfluidizer

Both large-scale and small scale Microfluidizer machines have been brought into operation in the Protein Expression Laboratory.  Manufactured by Microfluidics, these machines provide very specific shear specifications that ensure efficient lysis of cells while maintaining the integrity of the proteins.  See how the technology works here or view a short video describing the small scale lysis machine here.

Microfluidizer M-110EH

Microfluidizer LV-1

Advantages of this technology over simliar technologies are:

  • High protein recovery rates
  • Efficient cooling to avoid denaturation of proteins
  • Volume range from 1ml to several liters allow for easily scalable approaches
  • Flexibility between using different cell types (E. coli, yeast, insect, mammalian, etc)
  • Similar particle size for all cell fragments allow for minimal filtering and centrifugation

For more information, please contact Troy Taylor.

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