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Improvements to Baculovirus Expression

The baculovirus expression system (BEVS) is used to express proteins in insect cells, providing a key platform for production of mammalian proteins with proper post-translational modifications and higher quality than prokaryotic expression systems.  The current state-of-the-art in BEVS technology has remained unchanged for the last 15 years, and significant improvements are possible which could produce cost and time savings for the use of this technology.  The Protein Expression Laboratory is constructing a new generation of BEVS vectors to reduce the time needed to make recombinant baculovirus and to improve quality control of baculovirus DNA.  In addition, we continue to investigate new promoters and fusion tags designed to improve protein production in this system.  Coupled with modifications to expression protocols and an in-house developed titering cell line, we have already reduced the time and cost of this expression system significantly.  Additional improvements will be coupled with our Purify First microscale purification technology to further improve the services we offer for baculovirus protein production, which represents over 50% of the production work in the lab.

Page last updated March 6, 2012 @ 4:36 pm