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Protein Expression Improvements

The Protein Expression Laboratory (PEL) continually strives to improve various aspects of protein expression in multiple host systems to reduce costs to investigators for protein production and improve quality and yield of products.  As part of ongoing technology development in this area, the PEL continually adds to our collection of clones for solubility and fusion tags as well as novel elements which can enhance protein expression or solubility.  In addition, we routinely develop or bring in-house new transcriptional elements, such as eukaryotic promoters or enhancers, which we believe may offer increases in expression or protein quality.  These clones are tested with a panel of difficult proteins to determine the likelihood of broad improvements to our current processes, and where appropriate, these constructs are added to our standard set of reagents used for protein production projects.

Page last updated March 6, 2012 @ 5:15 pm