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What’s New at PEL


Recent Publications

The PEL collaborates closely with NCI investigators as well as engages in technology development.  The publications below highlight these activities.

Protein Expression in Mammalian CellsProtein Expression in Mammalian Cells. Methods and Protocols. Humana Press, 2011, James Hartley, editor.







Hudson RS, Yi M, Esposito D, Watkins SK, Hurwitz AA, Yfantis HG, Lee DH, Borin JF, Naslund MJ, Alexander RB, Dorsey TH, Stephens RM, Croce CM, and Ambs S: MicroRNA-1 is a candidate tumor suppressor and prognostic marker in human prostate cancer. Nucl. Acids. Res. 40(8): 3689-3703, 2012.

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Ganatra MB, Vainauskas S, Hong JM, Taylor TE, Denson JP, Esposito D, Read JD, Schmeisser H, Zoon KC, Hartley JL, Taron CH: A set of aspartyl protease-deficient strains for improved expression of heterologous proteins in Kluyveromyces lactis. FEMS Yeast Res. 2011.

Gillette WK, Esposito D, Taylor TE, Hopkins RF, Bagni RK, Hartley JL: Purify First: Rapid Expression and Purification of Proteins from XMRV. Protein Expr Purif. 2011.

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