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Services Access and Funding Resources

Services Access:  The expertise and technologies of the ATP are available to NCI investigators through the Core Service Accession System (CSAS) and Yellow Task System, although other government agencies can also access most of the research support services offered through the Economy Act.  General inquires about ATP services can be directed to Bruce Crise (301-846-5739) in the ATP Business Development office.

Core Service Accession System (CSAS):  Routine core service requests can be carried out using an automated CSAS request for service.  For additional information on how to use the on-line accession system please click here.

Yellow Task System: This web-based system enables investigators to request services and obtain cost and time estimates for each project. Yellow Tasks are most often submitted when the scope or budget for a project exceeds the routine service activities of the laboratory.

NCI-Frederick Office of the Director Research Support (ODRS): NCI investigators may be eligible supplemental funding for pilot studies conducted with laboratories of the ATP and the Laboratory Animal Science Programs (LASP). Funds may be made available to cover up to 50% of certain high-risk projects. Please review the criteria for ODRS funding. If you believe your project qualifies for ODRS funding, please remember to check the ODRS funding box when completing a CSAS request.

Office of Science and Technology Partnerships (OSTP) of the Center for Cancer Research (CCR) may serve as a supplemental funding source for investigators within the NCI’s CCR. Funding from OSTP assists CCR investigators with the use of various new technologies. Please refer the OSTP Technology Subsidy Program for further details.

Management Support Allocation: All non-NCI customers will be charge an additional fee for work carried out in the ATP core laboratories as mandated by NCI-Frederick.  This fee generally ranges from between approximately 25% and 35% depending on the service being requested.  Please consult the core service laboratory manager or contact Jeff Lake (Director, ATP Operations).

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