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Technology Development at the ATP

The Advanced Technology Program’s (ATP) technology development effort aims to develop innovative technologies to ensure cutting edge core services that meet the current and future needs of the National Cancer Institute. These efforts parallel the three major areas of focus within the ATP: Genetics and Genomics, Proteins and Proteomics, and Imaging and Nanotechnology.

The technology development activities operate within a matrix of scientific and administrative oversight. For more information see: Technology Development VisionManagement Process, and Access to Technology Development Process.

The success of the ATP’s technology development activities are evident through the numerous augmentations to capabilities that have occurred over the years.  The list of the on going technology development projects at the ATP are below:

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Ion Torrent

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Pacific Biosciences Sequencer

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Quality metrics tool for the Pacific Biosciences sequencer

If you wish to hear more about the technology development efforts of the ATP, request the initiation of a new technology development effort, or inquire about an ongoing technology development project please contact Dr. David J. Munroe, Director, Technology Development, ATP.

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