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Management Process

In keeping with the ATP’s charge to be innovative and develop technologies that maintain NCI technical competencies and anticipate advances in biomedical research, the ATP maintains a leadership role in the technology development process while soliciting guidance from and acting in the best interest of the NCI. Technology development activities of the ATP are typically initiated by the ATP to meet anticipated future requirements, but can also come in response to a request by NCI leadership or an individual Principal Investigator.

The technology development process is led through the ATP Director’s Office, with the Director of Technology Development coordinating efforts in consultation with scientific leads within the ATP. In conjunction with Drs. James Cherry and Walter Hubert from the NCI (Office of the Director / Office of Scientific Oversight), technology development projects are reviewed by the Technology Development Advisory Committee. Drs. Cherry, Hubert and this committee provide advisory feedback regarding the ATP’s technology development efforts and its relevance to the mission of the NCI.

Technical Development Process Flowchart

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