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What’s New at ATP

Picture of SeaHorse XF24 The PCL now offers access to the Seahorse XF24 Extracellular Flux Analyzer. The Seahorse FX24 fully-integrated instrument that simultaneously measures the two major energy yielding pathways – aerobic respiration and glycolysis – in a convenient, 24 well microplate format. The system is ideal for measuring metabolic changes in cells in response to ligand stimulation or drug treatment. For more information please contact Dr. Andrew Stephen (301-846-1634).
Cryo-EM of bolalipid liposomes Cryo Electron Microscopy - This technique allows specimens that have not been stained or fixed to be imaged in their native state. This is accomplished by freezing the sample fast enough to prevent water crystallization which allows conversion of the water to a glass-like state called vitreous ice. Cryo-EM is especially well suited for visualization and analysis of the native solution structure of particles that may be damaged by the dehydration used in more traditional electron microscopy processing. For more information, click here.
PyroMark Sequencing Pyrosequencing is now available at the Laboratory of Molecular Technology (LMT). Applications include SNP genotyping and custom assay design as well as bisulfite conversion of DNA followed by pyrosequencing. For more information please contact Kristen Pike (301-846-6897).
Phospholipid Analysis NALDI-MS analysis of phospholipid components of liposomes by the Protein Chemistry Laboratory (PCL). PCL scientists Dr. Simona Colantonio and Dr. Jack Simpson collaborating with Dr. Anu Puri and others from Dr. Robert Blumenthal’s Membrane Structure and Function Laboratory of the Nanobiology Program, NCI-Frederick have published a novel quantitative analysis of phospholipid components of liposomes formulated as potential drug delivery vehicles. For more information click here.

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