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SAIC-Frederick Bestows Emeritus Scientist Designations

SAIC-Frederick’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dave Heimbrook, Ph.D., is pleased to announce that four retired scientists have recently been granted the new distinction of Emeritus Scientist: Larry O. Arthur, Ph.D., CEO, SAIC-Frederick, and AIDS and Cancer Virus Program Directorate; Robert J. Fisher, Ph.D., Advanced Technology Program Directorate; Martin J. Fritts, Ph.D., Research Program Administration, Operations and Technical Support (OTS) Contract Office; and Haleem J. Issaq, Ph.D., Advanced Technology Program Directorate. All four recipients of this designation started work at what was called the Frederick Cancer Research Center in the 1970s, and is now Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, as either a federal employee or directly for the OTS contractor. Emeritus Scientists may choose to explore different avenues of research after retirement or to delve even more deeply into the fields they have cultivated for decades. Emeritus status is granted by members of SAIC-Frederick’s Key Staff at the time of retirement in recognition of a distinguished and productive career. Be sure to say hello, as you may be seeing these Emeritus Scientists around from time-to-time as they continue to share the breadth of their expertise, intellect, and creative contributions to the Frederick National Laboratory community.


Larry O. Arthur

Robert J. Fisher

Martin J. Fritts

Haleem J. Issaq

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