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NCI-F Shipping Wizard Shipping Wizard
NCI-Shipping Wizard  

Frederick National Lab Shipment Wizard: Step 1
Welcome to the Frederick National Lab Shipment Wizard, this application will guide you through the process of requesting a shipment. The requestor should submit this form within 24 hours for domestic shipments and 1 week (5 business days) before ship date of international shipments. Once the information is successfully submitted, you must print the resulting form, an Authorizing Official must sign the form, and the form must then be faxed to Transportation (301-846-6971) Department. Failure to comply with these requirements will delay your shipment.
General Information

***Please note that Shipping Wizard is now validating the Project Numbers against the new Project IDs. The old fiscal year center numbers will no longer be valid.***
Responsible Party Contact Email (**Required**)
Responsible Party Extension  Contact Email (**Verify**)
Fax Number (optional)  Center/Project Number
Project Code (when applicable)
Contact Person Number of Boxes/Envelopes
Contact Person Extension  Requested Date of Shipment calendarclearpixelnewwindow
Location of Material (Building # / Room #) / Including Correspondence? Yes No
Organization / Contractor    

Login and Save a Form:
This section is for anyone that consistently ships the same materials. You will need to create a login account, fill out the correct shipping form once, and save it. After the the form is saved, you will be able to log back into this system with your username and password, and easily retrieve your saved shipment form and re-send it.
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