The following Safetygrams may be of assistance when developing your laboratory Standard Operating Procedures(SOPs):

  • ISM-123: Animal Facility Decontamination Using Liquid Disinfectants
  • ISM-125: Steam Sterilization
  • ISM-128: Working Alone
  • ISM-130: Good Laboratory Practices
  • ISM-134: Hood Alarms
  • ISM-139: Laboratory Clothing
  • ISM-144: Effective Use of Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs)
  • ISM-145: Decontamination of Laboratory Equipment
  • ISM-146: Sharps Safety
  • ISM-147: Exercise Caution in the Presence of Ultraviolet Radiation
  • ISM-154: Eye Safety
  • ISM-158: Safe Handling and Transport of Hazardous Materials
  • ISM-160: Use of Plastic Jugs for Waste Disposal
  • ISM-161: Hazards of Chlorine Bleach
  • ISM-164: Mixed Waste
  • ISM-174: Medical Waste Disposal
  • ISM-177: Liquid Waste Disposal
  • ISM-185: Transfer of Select Agents
  • ISM-190: Latex Exposures
  • ISM-191: How important is it to properly classify and ship hazardous materials?
  • ISM-196: Offsite Employee Proper Shipping Procedures

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