Helpful Web Links

NCI MIPortal
The NCI Molecular Imaging Portal (MIPortal) provides for multiplatform imaging integration, storage, and management of all imaging data and pertinent documents. To obtain access, please contact (SAIP-HELP@LIST.NIH.GOV).

NIH Molecular Imaging & Contrast Agent Database
The National Institute of Health Molecular Imaging and Contrast Agent Database (MICAD) is an online source of information on in vivo molecular imaging agents.

ABCC Imaging and Visualization (SAIP Support)
The NCI-Frederick Advanced Biomedical Computing Center collaborates with the SAIP to provide NCI-investigators assistance in using image analysis programs (ITK-SNAP, Slicer 3, and MIPAV), develop new image analysis techniques, and provide image analysis training workshops.

Image Analysis Computing Infrastructure

For assistance in using imaging programs (ITK-SNAP, Slicer 3, or MIPAV), or request assistance in image analysis, please send an e-mail to:

Remote Desktop Access (

The SAIP remote desktop server provides remote access and analysis capability to NIH/NCI users. To obtain an account, please contact

  • To login to the remote desktop:

On user local machine, click on the Start bar->All Programs->Accessories->Remote Desktop Connection

Enter the following parameters in the Remote Desktop Connection program:

Username: NIH/e-mail user name
Password: use your NIH e-mail password

  • Image display and analysis programs installed on the server:
    • ITK-SNAP: software application used to segment structures. ITK-SNAP provides semi-automatic segmentation using active contour methods, as well as manual delineation and image navigation. It is also an easy to use image viewing application.
    • MIPAV: The MIPAV (Medical Image Processing, Analysis, and Visualization) application enables quantitative analysis and visualization of medical images of numerous modalities such as PET, MRI, CT, or microscopy.
    • 3D Slicer: provides functionality for segmentation, registration and three-dimensional visualization of multi-modal image data, as well as advanced image analysis algorithms for diffusion tensor imaging, and functional magnetic resonance imaging.
    • ImageJ: an easy to use image processing package.
  • To access image data on the remote desktop server:
    • Please use the shortcut Microsoft Internet Explorer on the remote desktop to access your images located in MIPORTAL:


The SAIP can provide training in utilizing the various image analysis programs. Past training sessions and video tutorials are located on the training site. Please contact the SAIP for scheduling a training session.

Imaging Workstations

SAIP imaging workstations (located in the SAIP, Bldg. 376, Rm. 224) provides in house image display and analysis capability. Vendor specific software’s are installed (CRi Maestro, Fluorescence image analysis; VisualSonics, Ultrasound; and Caliper Xenogen Spectrum, Bioluminescence). The use of these image workstations is free to NCI-investigators.