Subunit Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin - 08080501

Lot Number: 08E335
Amount Provided: 15 mg/2 ml vial
Presentation: Liquid, pH 7.2 – 8.5, protein concentration (A260) > 18 mg/ml in sterile water for injection (WFI)
Description: Clear to slightly hazy blue, no visible foreign matter
Identity: Two primary KLH bands present on native gel electrophoresis, one between 669 and 440 kDa markers and one at 440 kDa.
Primary KLH band present between the 500 and 290 kDa protein markers on SDS-PAGE.
Positive for KLH by ELISA.
Purity (native gel): Two primary KLH bands >90% of total band area
Product Testing: Sterile
Endotoxin (< 5 EU/mg)
Residual DNA (<100 pg/mg)
Total aerobic microbial count < 10 CFU
Total yeast and mold < 10 CFU
Storage: 2-8°C - Do Not Freeze
Manufactured by Stellar Biotechnologies, Inc. (
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For research use only. Not for drug or diagnostic use. NOT FOR USE IN HUMANS