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Providing quality laboratory animal care and support for your research endeavors

Aid in Designing Experiments
right arrow Consultation and assistance with surgical procedures, preoperative and postoperative care
right arrow Consultation in correct preparation of the Animal Study Proposal
right arrow Consultation regarding the selection and use of anesthetic, analgesic and tranquilizing drugs
right arrow Consultation to assure appropriate animal model selection and humane utilization of animals
right arrow Conducts post-approval monitoring as directed by the NCI-Frederick Animal Care and Use Committee
right arrow Click here to visit the NCI-Frederick Animal Care and Use Committee website

Animal Health
right arrow Coordinate with Diagnostic Laboratory in health monitoring programs
right arrow Direct disease control programs
right arrow Oversee preventive medicine program
right arrow Provide clinical diagnosis and therapy

Administrative Functions To Assist Investigators
right arrow Assure compliance with federal regulations and legislation governing the ethical use of animals in biomedical research
right arrow Evaluate research facilities for design and operation to minimize environmental effects on the animals
right arrow Maintain high standards to assure continued accreditation by Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care - International
right arrow Provide consultation for outsourcing animal work
right arrow Report specific disease problems and to obtain NCI concurrence on proposed course of action

Training Opportunities
right arrow LAM provides one-on-one consultations, wet labs, and group training on policies and Standard Operating Procedures. Please contact the LAM Veterinary Staff for additional information.
right arrow LAM coordinates the ALAT, LAT, and LATG training opportunities at the NCI-Frederick. Please contact Ms. Julie Bullock ( for additional information.
right arrow LAM: The New Employee Online Orientation Training Course provides an overview of animals in biomedical research with an emphasis on animal welfare concerns as well as animal health evaluation and reporting. In addition to this online training course ... Spanish, French, and Chinese and Burmese versions are also available. Please contact Raja Sriperumbudur ( for additional information.
right arrow ACUC: New Employee Animal Care and Use Introductory Online Training Course
right arrow

Electronic Forms
right arrow LAM: Animal Health Evaluation SOP 2.002
right arrow LAM: Veterinary Medical Treatment of Rodents [LAMdoc 5.0]
right arrow LAM: Animal Health Report
right arrow LAM: Rectal Prolapse Log
right arrow Vendor Quality Assurance Form
right arrow LAM Pharmacy Order Form
right arrow NCI-Frederick ACUC Animal Study Proposal
right arrow Deleterious Phenotype Reporting Form
right arrow LASP Request for Animal Shipment
right arrow NCI-Frederick Shipment Wizard: Transportation Request for Shipment

LAM Contact Information

Raja Sriperumbudur, DVM, PhD Animal Program Veterinarian Phone: 301-846-5577
Julie Bullock, BS, RVT, RLATG Veterinary Associate Phone: 301-846-7538
Angela Stahl, BS, LAT ACUC Coordinator Phone: 301-846-7544

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