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NCI at Frederick Employee Diversity Team

Multicultural Meals - Recipes with Diversity

View all of the Diversity Cookbook recipes below or submit a recipe of your own. To order copies of past Diversity Cookbooks in PDF form, please contact Andrea Frydl or Peter Boving.

  • Baby Back Ribs

    G.R. Davis

    best ribs you'll ever make with the "grill" as optional at the end. However it does take 2 days prepration, it is soooo worth it.

  • Breakfast Casserole

    Tim Tewalt

    A hearty breakfast dish of eggs, cheese, bread and other ingredients resulting in a tasty layered casserole.

  • Marsh Family Fiesta Dip

    Cindy Farling

    Layered Mexican Dip

  • Passover Brisket

    J.A. Poiley-Nelson

    Tradition in our family for Passover.

  • Jeananne's Tuner salad

    Gary Stone

    Tuna salad without the fishy taste.

  • Risengrød (rice porridge)

    Peter Bøving

    A rice porridge served at the beginning of Christmas Eve dinner. It is tradition for an elder to hide an almond in the pot of risengrød before serving. The person who gets the almond wins a marzipan pig! Place a little risengrød in the barn for the Nisse mand (woodland elves). You know the elves are happy (and well-fed) because the bowl will be empty on Christmas morning!

  • Fresh Fig Pie

    Jessie Marie DeBoth

  • Scott’s Second-Place Lowfat Chili

    Scott Keimig

    This recipe makes a thick, reasonably spicy, low fat chili with lots of tomato essence. I think it’s both hearty and healthy. It placed second in the NCI-F 2009 Annual Chili competition.

  • Thai Mango Sticky Sweet Rice Dessert (Khao Niaow Ma Nuang)


    This is pretty easy and good, only hard part is getting the rice to the right consistency (really thick). You have to find the sticky rice at an asian store, there’s one on 40 near where Watsons used to be.

  • Sheperd's Pie

    Gemma Corley

    A delicious, well balanced one pot meal. Even the kids will like it!

  • Christmas ( or Holiday ) Salad

    Myra Jeanne Wilson

    This is a Rich, Creamy, and Fruity Salad Dessert for special occasions.

  • Egg Nog ( Drink )

    Myra Jeanne Wilson

    Home Made Egg Nog Drink ( Better For you than store-bought )

  • Impossible Coconut Pie

    Myra Jeanne Wilson

    A Pie that shouldn't work; but does.

  • Quick Home made Tartar Sauce ( for Fish )

    Myra Jeanne Wilson

    A Quick to make home - made Tartar Sauce ( for Fish ) Increase Ingredients for more servings.

  • Bread and Butter Pudding with Hot Wisky Sauce

    Kthy Norris