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Passover Brisket

J.A. Poiley-Nelson

Origin: Family recipe, Category: Main Dishes
Prep time: 30 minutes, Total time: 3 hours, Servings: 5

Description: Tradition in our family for Passover.

Purchase flat cut or first cut brisket it has less fat than
a whole brisket. Remove as much fat as possible. Saute sliced
sweet onion (one large onion)until soft. Remove onions from
the pan and braise the meat. Return the onions to the pan
with the meat and add one bottle of a good quality barbecue
sauce (I usually use hickory or thick and Zesty Kraft).
Bring to just bubbling, reduce to simmer and cook covered
but stir periodically until tender by fork test (usually
2-3 hours.
Allow to cool,slice the meat and return to the sauce. The
meat is easier to cut when cold. Reheat to serve. Serve over
potatoes or rice). This dish may be made ahead and frozen.
Marinating in the sauce just makes it more flavorful.

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