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Egg Nog ( Drink )

Myra Jeanne Wilson

Origin: Family Recipe, Category: Specials
Prep time: 1 hour, Total time: 1 hour, Servings: 15

Description: Home Made Egg Nog Drink ( Better For you than store-bought )

In a Large Mixing Bowl Mix the Following:

1. Four Eggs - Beat Well!
2. 1 1/4th Cups Sugar.
3. 2 Cups of Milk - Beat well!
4. 1/2 Gallon of Vanilla or Egg Nog Ice Cream.
5. Add Nutmeg Spice to suit to taste.
6. For Spiked Egg Nog add 1/2 Cup of your favorite Liquors.
7. Keep Unused portion Refrigerated.
8. Shake well before Dispensing additional servings.

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