• What happens to surplus/excess property?

Our first priority is to re-issue surplus equipment at the facility. If that does not happen the equipment is reported to the National Institutes of Health (NIH)-Personal Property Services Division, so that it can be screened (for no longer than 20 days) by anyone connected to HHS. NIH screens the equipment for re-utilization. If no interest is expressed during the screening period the equipment is either placed in a sealed bid sale (open to the public) or deemed scrap and sold in a bulk lot.

Any questions regarding the disposal process should be directed to Property at x1156.


  • Where is my package?

    Please provide the following in order to expedite your request Purchase Order number, purchase request number, vendor's name and method your package was being shipped.

  • What is the Receiving Department's FAX number?

    Extension 6657 is dedicated to the Receiving Department's facsimile.

Supply Warehouse:


  • Why am I not receiving my mail?

    • You are not in the computer mail system or you have relocated and the mailroom has not been notified.
    • You need to contact your Human Resources Department, Leidos Ext. 1146, CRL Phone No. 240-529-0505, NCI Ext. 5402, DMS Ext. 1060, WISCO Ext. 1093
  • How do I ship out a biological?

    • Fill out the Request for Shipment Form online in Forms section.
    • FAX to Transportation, Ext. 6971.
    • Submit the morning before the day of shipment. A 24 hour notice is required for domestic shipments and 5 days for international.
  • Who needs an Import Permit?

    • This Permit is required for animal-derived material or biological material that came in contact with materials of animal origin.
    • Specifically restricted biological material including animaltissues, blood, cells, cell lines, RNA/DNA extracts, hormones, enzymes, proteins, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, antisera, immunoglobins, recombinant products, immunoassay components, immunoassay kits, microorganisms, such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, and other products derived from animal-derived materials.
    • Certain biologic specimens imported for human diagnostic purposes are not restricted by the USDA. These materials include human bone marrow cells and amniocentesis samples that were not grown or transported in tissue culture media containing animal- derived supplements. However, each shipment of patient specimens must be accompanied by a written description accurately explaining the contents. This declaration must be available for inspection at the port of entry and should be sent with the Customs declarations.
    • Website address:
    • Etiologic Agent, Biological material (infectious) and Vectors all require a CDC permit. This is handled by NIH import permit office 301 451-3295, fax 301 480-0691.
    • Select Agents information notify EHS office 301 846-5038, Theresa Bell.

    Contact Ron Brown Ext.1636 for additional information.

  • What is the address for importing your material?

    Researchers Name and phone number
    c/o John S. Connor, Inc. (custom Broker IAD)
    1050 Boyles St, Frederick, Md. 21702

  • What areas are covered by Leidos Courier service?

    • All of NIH Bethesda Campus
    • Navy Medical
    • Uniform Services
    • ATC
    • All of Executive Plaza Blvd.
    • LMT
    • VPP - Geoffrey Way
    • Industry Lane
    • Fairview Center
    • TJ Drive
    • Grove Rd.
    • Progress Drive (ATRF, Riverside, Charles River, etc.)
    • Wedgewood

    For Questions regarding your shipment, please contact Transportation at x1175


  • How do I return an unwanted item(s) within 30 days ordered on a Purchase Request, Credit Card or Blanket Purchase Order?

    • Ordered incorrectly on PR: determine correct item needed and notify appropriate Buyer.
    • Vendor shipped incorrectly: contact Brian Holt Ext. 6679 in the Receiving Department for further instructions.
    • Credit Card returns: handled by card holder. Use Shipping Authorization Form.
    • Blanket Purchase Order Returns: handled by user/buyer. Use Return of Goods form.
  • What information and additional signatures are needed for capital equipment before Purchasing can begin the procurement process? And how long does the procurement process generally take?

    • Purchase Request with applicable literature, quotes, and justifications as listed in the Preparing the Purchase Request Submission Packet in the Capital Equipment section in the Purchasing User's Guide.
    • Obtain all required signatures as listed in the Obtaining Additional Required Signature Approvals in the Capital Equipment section in the Purchasing User's Guide. Common approvals include Building Coordinator and Property. Finance approval must be obtained electronically via CostPoint workflow by either Distributive Entry or Purchasing.
    • Depending on the complexity of the procurement, it can take from one week to a month or more to procure a piece of capital equipment, regardless of whether competitive or sole sourced. The leading factor affecting procurement leadtime is negotiating our terms and conditions with the vendor. The Leidos terms and conditions (as opposed to the vendor's) apply to all procurements whether purchase order or commercial contract.
  • How do I procure modular furniture?

    • Submit a purchase request for design services to the Purchasing Department. Due to Design charges, only the buyer may commit funds. Contact Chuck Gartner, ext. 7458, for answers to your questions.
    • Submit a Maintenance Service Request (MSR) to Facilities Maintenance and Engineering (FME) for maintenance assistance (for electricians, labor crew, etc).
  • How do I check the status of a Purchase Request/Purchase Order?

    • Check "header comments" in CostPoint.
    • Contact Buyer via e-mail. The Buyer's Name is in header comments if it is a distributive entry PR, if not; the Buyer's name is in the "Buyer" field on the PR/PO.
    • Call the Customer Assistant in the Purchasing Department, ext. 1130.
  • How do I modify a purchase request held in the Purchasing Department?

    Purchasing makes every effort to place your order within three (3) days from the time of receipt although many for materials and supplies are placed within one working day. Prior to the order being placed, you may minimally change quantities, catalog numbers and add/delete items if necessary, e-mail or phone call to the Buyer.
  • How do I get a purchase request?

    • See your administration group.
    • A Purchase Request Template is available on the C&A website under Forms.
    • To secure a block of PR numbers for generated PR's and/or get a PR form, see the purchase requests section of the C&A website.
    • Contact Melissa Lambert, x5603, to enter and submit PR's directly into CostPoint, commonly referred to as Distributive Entry.
  • What requires a COA?

    In accordance with the Operating and Technical Support Contract between NCI and Leidos written authorization from the NCI is required on certain procurement actions prior to an order being placed. The Purchasing Department submits the action to NCI for the authorization. These procurements are as follows:
    • Purchase or lease of real property or any interest therein;
    • Any subcontract requirements for facilities renovation, alteration, repair, maintenance, construction, or Architect-Engineer (A-E) consultant services related to facilities shall be submitted immediately prior to award when the proposed subcontract (or delivery order under a subcontract) amount exceeds that which can be reasonably managed within the total fiscally approved (or concept approved in the case of A-E/consultant services) project budget.  In addition, modifications to the foregoing types of subcontracts shall be submitted immediately prior to award when the amount of the modification to the particular subcontract exceeds either $50,000 or the cumulative amount of all modifications exceed 10% of the original subcontract amount.  Any modification to an approved subcontract that will cause the subcontract amount to exceed the MSR ceiling for the project shall also be submitted;
    • Foreign and legal services subcontracts; (see FAR Clause 52.244-2)
    • Any requirements for advisory and assistance services and any consultant agreements (excluding A&E services referenced above) for which costs will be incurred under this contract, or any use of Leidos personnel in an advisory or assistance service capacity (see OTS Contract B.4.a.(5));
    • Awards to the Contractor’s (Leidos) or its parent (Leidos Corporate) organization or other NCI at Frederick contractors.  This includes all businesses in which these organizations are known to have an interest, including but not limited to affiliates and subsidiaries.  In addition, all bids, proposals, or quotations received in connection with a particular solicitation or negotiation where an NCI at Frederick Contractor has submitted a bid, proposal, or quotation shall be submitted to the NCI Contracting Officer for opening;
    • Ratification of unauthorized acquisitions.
    • Any sale/barter of supplies or services generated under this contract;
    • The acquisition by lease or purchase of any motor vehicle;
      The costs for these items or activities shall be unallowable as direct costs unless authorized by the Contracting Officer.

  • How do I process a payment for Material Transfers?

    Since materials are transferred to us and not purchased, a direct payment will be made to pay for any costs associated with the transfer of the material.
  • How do I obtain loaned equipment from a vendor?

    Send a memo to the Purchasing Department listing the following information:
    • vendor name and contact person.
    • location of equipment and program area contact person.
    • description of equipment (specific item number listing not necessary yet).
    • proposed term of the loan (can be estimated).
    • reason for loan and synopsize the research project.
    • value of equipment.
    • include a Purchase Request if freight charges or expendable supply costs apply.
    • POC: Shelly Hollinger, x1220

    Purchasing will establish an agreement with the vendor that minimizes risk to the program area and the OTS Contractor. IP and other issues are also addressed.

    After the vendor and Purchasing personnel sign the agreement, the vendor ships the product.