Leidos continuously looks for ways to improve our business processes to help in protecting the environment. Our goal is to develop strong customer and supplier partnerships that support our initiatives which will have positive environmental outcomes.

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Leidos wants your help with a "Green" tip.

Have a green tip? Submit your ideas/tips for "Greening" the campus. Tips will be chosen and posted on the Leidos Green website. Submit your tips and contact information to Rosemary Dawson, dawsonrosemary@mail.nih.gov for a chance to win a "Going Green" T-Shirt.

Congratulations Green Tip Thinker: We use silverware in the lunch room; nothing to throw away. Using plastic is not GREEN. Submitted by Tammy Daugherty

What types of purchases need to be Green?

EPP requirements pertain to all purchases of products and services made with Federal Funds, including:

  • Federal agencies and their contractors
  • Large purchases, simplified acquisitions, and micro purchases
  • Direct purchases of products and indirect purchases of products obtained

Electronic Processes

If you are interested in implementing these programs in your area here are a few easy steps to get you started;

Internet FAX

  1. Contact your local administrator (DMS) or the NIH Service Desk http://support.nih.gov to request your inbound fax number.
  2. Once you get your inbound fax number, DMS will be able to establish a public folder/resource email account.
  3. The last step is to contact the Telecommunications shop on ext. 1600 and you can request to have all incoming calls to your existing fax number forwarded to the new inbound fax number.

Anyone can send you a fax and it will be automatically placed in your email inbox. By clicking on the attached image, you can view the fax on your screen. Or you can print, store, forward, or fax it to someone else.

Electronic Signatures

If you are interested in using an electronic signature Adobe Acrobat Pro offers this feature along with many others. The purchase of Adobe software is the responsibility of each program. DMS does not offer Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Green Procurement is the purchase of products and services with favorable energy and environmental impacts. FAR 23.403 states, "Agencies shall assure the use of products containing recovered materials or biobased products to the maximum extent practicable without jeopardizing the intended use of the product."

SharePoint & Laserfiche

Using SharePoint and Laserfiche can be beneficial to program areas in various ways but some of the common uses are:

SharePoint provides a central location for assigning and communicating tasks to team members. You can also organize access to various documents/forms/templates used by the entire organization from one location. No more emailing documents to individuals for collaboration. SharePoint offers versioning for documents with easy access to previous versions. Tasks can be routed automatically to team members through workflow. Laserfiche offers similar features but also offers the option of electronic records management. Documents can be stored, routed and archived automatically within Laserfiche, no need for multiple file cabinets in every office.

If you would like more information on SharePoint or Laserfiche you can contact the Quality Management Office at QMO@mail.nih.gov.