The Logistics Support Department offers centralized receipt, inspection, delivery services and operates a Central Supply and Maintenance Warehouse, and Property Accountability.


The Transportation Section provides complete mail delivery, courier services, packaging/shipping operations and relocation coordination.


The Receiving Section is responsible for the receipt, inspection, and processing of inbound freight. After processing, material is routed to Central Supply/ Maintenance Supply Warehouse or to the enduser as appropriate.


The Delivery Section make daily delivery of most inbound freight and all supplies requisitioned from the Central Supply Warehouse.

Central Supply and Maintenance Supply Warehouse

The Central Supply Warehouse maintains an inventory of expendable items that are routinely used throughout the NCI at Frederick. Items stocked include general laboratory supplies, animal supplies, dry ice, compressed gases, liquid nitrogen and tax-free alcohol. The Maintenance Supply Warehouse provides supplies and material routinely used for renovations and general repair of existing building and equipment by personnel in the various shops of Facilities Maintenance and Engineering.

Mail Room/Transportation

Services provided by the Mail Room and Transportation Section include pick up, sorting and delivery of incoming U.S. Postal Service mail as well as pick up, sorting and delivery of interoffice mail. The section also offers daily courier service to and from NCI/NIH Bethesda, schedules commercial courier services as needed, coordinates clearance of incoming material through U.S. Customs, prepares air freight and United Parcel Service outbound shipments, arranges for outbound animal shipments, and arranges for new employee relocations.

Property Accountability

The Property Accountability Section has the primary responsibility for all personal property management support for the NCI at Frederick. This program encompasses a wide range of functions such as accountability, inventory management, property disposal, surplus, and property sales, as well as acquiring accountable property from other institutes and agencies.