Studnets in lab

Welcome to the WHK Student Intern Program!

The Werner H. Kirsten Student Intern Program (WHK SIP) at the National Cancer Institute at Frederick is a unique, one-year internship opportunity that was designed to expose high school seniors to research and administrative management in a health care environment. The scientific interns selected will gain experience using basic methods of biomedical research through “hands-on” laboratory training, “Wet Lab”, while students selected for internships in support of science/research, “Dry Lab”, are assigned projects in bioinformatics, statistical and data analysis, information technology, graphics and media, scientific communications, IT and Security, scientific education and outreach and partnership development.

Students interested in a scientific internship may also apply through this site for the United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID). USAMRIID offers a similar one-year internship opportunity to students in the area surrounding Fort Detrick and follows the same timeline as the WHK SIP. Students may choose to apply to the WHK SIP, the USAMRIID internship or both using this application.

Before completing the application please verify that you are eligible to participate and, if selected, meet all of the program requirements:

  1. MUST be in your junior year at an ELIGIBLE high school when applying. See “School Point of Contacts” for a list of eligible schools. (If you are home schooled you may apply if you live within 30 minutes of the NCI at Frederick main campus located at Fort Detrick in Maryland)
  2. MUST turn 17 prior to 6/13/2022
  3. MUST be able to work 8 consecutive weeks (40 hours per week) during the summer prior to your senior year of high school.
  4. MUST be able to replace 2 of your school blocks with this internship and still have enough credits to graduate. (You will receive 4 weighted credits for your participation during the school year in this program)
  5. Please review all other requirements listed in the "How to Apply" section of this website before beginning your application to ensure you are eligible to participate.