Cancer Research Training Award

The Cancer Research Training Award (CRTA) program is the universal, umbrella fellowship program for domestic fellows (non-US citizens must have a permanent resident card to be eligible for this program). The program is intended to provide high quality training for high school, university, graduate, law, and medical school students and graduates. Training opportunities also provide continuing education and experience within the National Cancer Institute's various organizational components under the guidance of a sponsor.

Participants in this program do not perform a service for the Public Health Service. Rather, the Fellows are accepted for training in scientific disciplines that will enhance public health efforts to prevent, diagnose, or treat cancer. Fellows receive a stipend and are considered to be in training status. They are not considered employees of the Federal government.

How to apply for the Cancer Research Training Award

You are strongly encouraged to apply electronically. By applying electronically, your application will be accessible by numerous Principal Investigators in many Institutes, allowing for the widest possible distribution. For more information, please refer to the main NIH SIP page.

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