Grants and Patents

The following sites have come to our attention through various sources; their inclusion in this section does not indicate endorsement by Scientific Library staff.


  • Foundation Center 990 Finder - Locate 990 forms (tax form that lists grants) for private foundations, public charities and other nonprofits. 
  • Foundation Stats - View top grantmaking foundations by total giving, by assets, or by gifts received, filtered by state and organization type.
  • Grant Forward - Search engine that infers and aggregates research interests from several sources such as a researcher's CV, or publication history and matches the profile with relevant funding opportunities. Users must first create an account at:, using an email address that ends in "".
  • - Grant opportunities from all Federal grant-making agencies with grant-related information.
  • National Science Foundation Grants - NSF Grants database allows free searching in areas of science and engineering. Searchable by keyword, date, program status, funding type, and research area.
  • NIH Grants & Funding Opportunities - Information about NIH grant and fellowship programs and contracting opportunities for those preparing proposals.
  • NIH RePORTER - Replacement for the NIH grants database known as CRISP. RePORTER contains dollar amounts, the study section that reviewed the grant, and links to patents and papers.



  • Derwent Innovations Index (1963-present) via Web of Science (WOS) - Use the pulldown menu next to Web of Science Core Collection to select the database. Combines value-added patent information indexed from over 50 patent issuing authorities in the Derwent World Patent Index (1963-present) with patent citations indexed from the Derwent Patents Citation Index (1973-present).  View lists of patents that cite the target patent, sort by top cited patents, and access value-added indexing like Derwent Class Codes and abstracts that highlight the novelty, use, advantage, and claims of each invention. (NIH/NCI-F Subscription)
  • EMBL-EBI Patent Data Resources – Find free resources for searching and downloading patent chemical compound and patent sequence data from the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI).
  • Espacenet Patent Search - Free access to the database of over 110 million patents.
  • FAQ Pertaining to Patent and Other Intellectual Property Information at NCBI – Learn how to use free tools and databases from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) to search for patents through nucleotide or protein sequence searches and chemical structure searches.
  • FreePatentsOnline- Search US patents & patent applications, EP documents, Abstracts of Japan, WIPO (PCT) documents, and German patents.
  • Google Patents - Google Patents includes millions of patent publications from over 100 patent offices around the world, as well as many more technical documents and books indexed in Google Scholar and Google Books.
  • Patent Register Portal – This free portal from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) allows users to locate online patent registers (to browse legal status-related information and documents for patent publications) for over 200 national and regional patent offices. 
  • Patent Searching, Advanced – This guide from Clemson Libraries provides information and resources on different types of patent searches, USPTO databases, how to search by the US Patent Classification (USPC), tips for searching by patent assignee, where to download patent documents, searching non-US patents, and searching chemical/pharmaceutical patents.
  • Reaxys - (Includes patents from 1803-). Patent information indexed in Reaxys includes substance and reaction data, patent citation information, and most organic chemistry, as well as Markush substance display, all patent family members, and classification codes for English language patents from World, US, and European patent offices and Asian patent offices (China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan).  Learn more about patent coverage in Reaxys through the Reaxys Support Center. If you need any assistance using this database, please feel free to call Alan Doss at 301-846-6249 or via email(NIH/NCI-F Subscription)
  • SCOPUS - An abstract and indexing database from Elsevier Science, Scopus offers access to over 39 million patents. After conducting a search in Scopus, choose the link beside the number of search results to “View [number of] patent results.” Learn more about viewing and filtering patent results through Scopus on the Scopus Blog(NIH/NCI-F Subscription)
  • SumoBrain - This free database (from the creators of allows users to search US patents & patent applications, EP documents, Abstracts of Japan, and WIPO (PCT) documents.
  • SureChEMBL - This free website from the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) allows users to search by drawing chemical structures to find patents and patent applications from chemically annotated patent collections (US, EPO, WIPO, and Japanese patent collections).
  • The Lens - Search across patent publications from 10 patent jurisdictions and then filter the results graphically. This free database also provides a BLAST search for finding sequence patents through Lens PatSeq
  • USPTO Web Patent Databases - US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) offers free access to bibliographic and full-text patent databases from 1976 to most recent weekly issue. Also search PDF image US patents since 1790.
  • WIPO PatentScope - Search international patent applications filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), as well as Regional and National patent collections from over 60 participating countries and regional patent offices. Free to search and includes a chemical structure search for those who create a free account and are logged into it. 

Date Last Updated: 9/16/2019