The Challenge?

  • Lose 1 TON of weight
  • Walk, run, or bike AROUND THE WORLD
  • Perform 1 YEAR (in hours) of fitness activities in 2014.

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The NCI at Frederick, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, and Fort Detrick continue their partnership in the pursuit of wellness.

The Wellness Challenge encourages everyone to get up and get moving. It promotes physical activity within 5 fitness challenge categories; those who lose the most weight; walk the most miles; run the most miles, bike the most miles, and perform the most hours of other fitness activities (yoga, swimming, dance, working-out, etc.).

The Office of the Surgeon General invites you to join the movement: Lace up your sneakers and invite your family, friends, and coworkers to join you.

To learn more please visit the Surgeon General’s Every Body Walk! Initiative. To read recent publications on walking, visit CDC’s August 2013 Vital Signs: Walking Among Adults, and NIH’s Walking…A Step in the Right Direction brochure.


Check in freuqently to find new delicious welness recipes that will keep you and your family happy! A few recent and noteworthy recipes include —

The Leaderboards

  • Walking

    Wayne Helm
    20,023.00 miles

  • Running

    Beth Buckheit
    8,019.00 miles

  • Biking

    Tom Gannon-Miller
    29,385.00 miles

  • Other

    Stephanie Henderson
    8,410.75 hours

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