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Sequencing Services

To place an order for Sanger sequencing, please go to our LIMS homepage at the stepwise instructions and then call the courier at 301-846-1175 to arrange for sample shipment to our facility.  Sample preparation instructions are provided in the SOP that is posted on our LIMS page.   Our address is 915 Tollhouse Avenue, Suite 211, Frederick, Maryland 21702 and our phone number is 301-846-5676.  Kristen Pike is the Group Leader and she can be reached directly at 301-846-6897.

454-Sequencing Request Process:

  1. Submit a request for 454 Sequencing Services: Requests should be made through the CSAS request system for estimate and budget approval.

If you have already started a study with the group, please enter a CSAS directly at to include the sample number and process required.  Enter the request under “LMT – 454”.

If you have not started a study with the group before, please contact the 454 sequencing group directly at regarding your study.  The study will be matched with the process allowing the group generate a cost and time estimate.  If the cost and time estimates fit in your budget and schedule you can then enter a CSAS request at

  1. Send Samples for 454 Sequencing Processing:  Samples cannot be sent without CSAS request approval.
  • The 454 sequencing group will e-mail an Excel-based sample shipping manifest to help organize the samples through our process.  Complete the “454-Sequencing Service Shipping Form” and submit an electronic copy to in addition to inserting a hard copy in the sample shipment.
  • Send samples to the LMT 454 Sequencing Service Lab using the NCI-Frederick courier service.

To schedule pick-up, call the NCI-FCRF courier service as soon as possible and at least one day before shipping (note: they may require a shipping request using the shipping wizard at The transportation office phone number is (301) 846-1175 and their working hours are 7:30am – 4:30pm, Mon. to Fri.  Please see their FAQ site at for more information.

  • Confirm the shipment delivery date with LMT 454 Sequencing Service Lab contact or prior to shipping samples. We will inform you when the sample shipment has been received.

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