• Come Enjoy a Free Zumba Class with OHS. First 10 Get a Prize!
  • FREE Workshop That Discusses Texting While Driving and Other Information
  • New Features Are Being Added...Please Make Sure Your Information is Up to Date!
  • Learn more about the Student Science Jeopardy Tournament
  • The Occupational Health Services are coordinating a wellness event that allows you to have fun while working out!
  • Free workshop that discusses texting while driving and other helpful information. Don't forget to RSVP to Marsha Nelson-Duncan, marsha.nelson-duncan@nih.gov or 301-846-6829.
  • NCI at Frederick and FNLCR use a mass notification system, called Send Word Now. This system is used to contact employees in the event of an emergency or to provide quick notification of happenings at our work sites. One of the most common use is to alert employees of power failures.
  • The STUDENT JEOPARDY TOURNAMENT will be held on Wednesday, July 26. Follow the link to the Scientific Library website for more information about registration for student teams and attendance for others.
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