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Fluidigm Access Array Background

The Fluidigm Access Array is a high-throughput target-enrichment system compatible with all of the major next-generation sequencing instruments. The user can enrich multiple specific targets from a large number of samples all at one time. The system has the throughput benefits of microfluidics, as well as the flexibility and performance of PCR.  Particular capabilities include:

  • Target Enrichment
  • Sample Barcoding for Multiplexed Sequencing
  • Sequencing Library Prep Using Amplicon Tagging

Primers amplify and tag PCR products for next-gen sequencing.  Simply provide LMT with your regions of interest.  The Access Array™ Integrated Fluidic Circuit (IFC) facilitates parallel amplification of 48 unique samples, in effect preparing 48 sequencing libraries, in just a few hours. Every reaction combines both an amplicon tagging and a barcoding (identification) step that enables all 48 samples to be multiplexed at the sequencing step. This powerful chemistry simplifies the up-front preparation and maximizes the utility of today’s next generation sequencers.

The Fluidigm Access Array System can be used with any PCR-based sample preparation method and with the reagents and primers of your choice. The system includes Access Array IFCs, two IFC Controller AXs, and the Stand-Alone Thermal Cycler.  These components deliver sample throughput and coverage scalable with laboratory needs.  Additional background information about the technology behind 454 sequencing can be found at For more information on this service and its applications to your research, visit our Fluidigm Access Array Protocols and Resources page.

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