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SureSelect Background

Sure Select Target Enrichment and Library Preparation for Next Generation Sequencing

The Agilent SureSelect Target Enrichment System is a hybridization-based capture method designed to streamline next generation sequencing research by enabling scientists to sequence only genomic areas of interest.  The Agilent SureSelect platform can be used to capture all exons or, using their custom design, a subset of exons or other genome targets; the rest of the genome is washed away and discarded.   The methodology can identify genetic mutations with great precision at a cost 10 to 20 times less than sequencing the entire genome.

Agilent’s paired end multiplexing capabilities allows for massively parallel:

  • Sequence assembly
  • De Novo sequencing
  • Large-scale structural variation detection

Custom target enrichment and whole exome capture both involve shearing the DNA, repairing ends, ligating adapters, purification, PCR, library hybridization and capture, index tagging, quality assessment, and pooling.

Enriched and prepared libraries are then ready to be sequenced on Illumina’s GAIIX or HiSeq platforms.


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