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SureSelect Service Details

Project and Assay Design Workflow


We will first have a meeting to discuss your research goals and the suitability of the SureSelect technology in achieving those goals.  After an approved CSAS request, and if this platform is applicable, we’ll order the appropriate kit from Agilent Technologies and begin processing your samples.

Sample Processing Workflow


Once gDNA samples are received, LMT staff will determine the concentration and total DNA via NanoDrop and PicoGreen.  The sample will then be sheared on a Covaris E210.  The ends will be repaired and adapters will be ligated.  The samples will be purified via Ampure beads and subsequently PCR amplified.  The libraries will be hybridized and captured, index tagged, assessed for quality, and pooled.  At this point, the samples are delivered to the Sequencing Facility.  Here the cluster generation and sequencing take place on the Illumina HiSeq2000.  Data is sent to the Advanced Biomedical Computing Center (ABCC).  Nanodrop data and QC chip images will be sent electronically to the customer through our LMT Molecular Diagnostics Wizard.

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